Boomer Bonus Days 2024 is on Monday, April 1, 2024: what is Boomer Bonus Day?

Monday, April 1, 2024 is Boomer Bonus Days 2024. Celebrate Every Day: April Fools Jokes to Just Plain Foolish Folks ... Boomer Bonus Days - A Baby

what is Boomer Bonus Day?

It's a day where Baby Boomers (people born right after WWII) get a special price on their purchases. It's a nice way to say "Senior prices."

Baby Boomers are you still working?

Baby Boomers are you still working?

I'm fortunate to be in a profession which is always in demand.... I'm a nurse. When I first started studying 38 years ago, someone said to me, "well you'll always have a job" the time I thought she was crazy - I was only intending working until I had a family - but here I am, aged 58 and still working four days a week. And I still love it.

Health insurance is not such an issue here in Australia , since we have universal public health care which works pretty well. My partner is on an aged pension, and he gets everything free, and prescriptions are all charged at $4.20 no matter what the actual cost.

We are also actively encouraged to continue working, with good tax breaks after 55, a bonus scheme for people who defer claiming the aged pension, and a lot of government -sponsored advertising aimed at employers taking on older workers. You can take up an apprenticeship at any age, and the government sponsors you to do it. People in their 50's are becoming plumbers and electricians , after a lifetime of doing something else.

The government is obviously running scared, with the realisation that so many Boomers are staring down the barrel of retirement, and they desperately want them not to do so ! Our pensions are not paid for by ourselves during our working lives - they are a "given" with no strings attached. So our government has a lot more financial worries than yours has in that direction, I guess ! No wonder they are trying so hard to look after all of us Boomers ! But for someone like me, its all a great bonus, since I like working anyway, and wasn't thinking of retirement for many years to come.

Do you feel that CEOs and investment company managers are ripping off the baby boomers retirement

Do you feel that CEOs and investment company managers are ripping off the baby boomers retirement vehicles?

Yes I do think that CEOs and these managers (especially fund managers that charge outrageous fees) are ripping off the baby boomers.

Their bonus should be tied to generating specific returns for the CLIENT, not based on profits generated for the FIRM.

When your bonus is determined by creating profits for your company and not your customer, you will naturally focus your energies that way - customers come second.

Unfortunately not enough boomers are saying anything and the financial world isn't going to bring it up.

It took the Govt. to step in to get credit card companies to now start looking at some of the ridiculous fees they charge AND the arbitrary raising of interest rates to keep people in debt.

It will take the Govt to step in again and boomers NEED to press their representatives.

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