Fun At Work Day 2024 is on Monday, April 1, 2024: A Bachelorette Fun Day.?

Monday, April 1, 2024 is Fun At Work Day 2024. International Fun at Work Day....... International Fun at Work Day.

Fun At Work Day

Fun At The Office Day is about taking pleasure in yourself liven up silly, partake at work-based mischief, or simply crank the background music up noisy when you work!

A Bachelorette Fun Day...?

The best possible fun day you can plan for her would be a wonderful spa day! Take her to the spa, arrange for her to have a massage then you can all get your toes and nails done together. Lots will serve sparkling wines with cheese and fruit. After the spa day go to your favorite place for a nice lunch. Take your time, have the girls create a lovely keepsake book where you write down your favorite memories and don't forget to include pictures! And finish the day off by taking her to her favorite place to shop and pitch in on a honeymoon outfit for her. Try to keep the number of girls down to under 10. All said and done you will each pay for your manicures and lunch. Then pitch in on massage, lunch and outfit. This should end up being fairly inexpensive. To save on costs you could fix a lovely lunch at one of your homes or do a picnic together. Because she is pregnant a day of pampering and relaxation will be utterly appreciated!!!

Picture making fun of hump day?

Picture making fun of hump day?

Picture making fun of hump day

Carnival Cruise - Fun Day at Sea?

Carnival Cruise - Fun Day at Sea?

A "Fun Day at Sea" simply means that the ship not be stopping on that day. It gives you a chance to get familiar with the ship.

After boarding, get a map and explore. (I've been on Victory a couple times.) Go to the Lido deck and find the buffet, grab some food and plan a way to explore. The fastest way from forward to aft is to use the stateroom hallways. The pools are salt water, Jacuzzis use fresh water. Before sailing, there will be a mandatory evacuation drill (lots of standing around). Take note of the paintings in the stairwells, they have themes, learn the themes and it'll be easier to remember if you are in the front of the ship, the middle or the aft.

At night they have an movie at the pool. There's tons of stuff to do.

All Carnival ships have comedy clubs... most shows are excellent. They usually have Las Vegas style shows in the big auditorium in the forward part of the ship. Also bingo, a form of the 'Newly Wed Game' and other stuff. Every day you'll have a newsletter listing all the activities.

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