Batman Day 2025 is on Tuesday, April 1, 2025: How do you celebrate National Batman Day?

Tuesday, April 1, 2025 is Batman Day 2025. Archive » Happy Batman Day! Happy Batman Day!

Batman Day

If you're of the perception that you will find insufficient days put aside to celebrate imaginary vigilantes, who be flying animals to be able to tackle crime, only then do we accept you. Fortunately, there's one particular date put aside each year – Batman Day.The objective of Batman Day would be to celebrate the anniversary from the character’s first appearance, that was in Detective Comics #27 way in May 1939. Since individuals early comic looks, Batman is continuing to grow into among the world’s best-loved and many recognisable imaginary figures, and it is the focus of tv shows, animated cartoons, game titles and Hollywood blockbusters.Would you involve some Batman-related comics, game titles or Dvd disks? Are you currently the proud who owns a Batman fancy dress outfits costume that rarely will get used? Regardless of the situation, why don't you try to celebrate Gotham City’s finest detective?

How do you celebrate National Batman Day?

I watch all of the Batman movies, that includes the 80's trilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, Batman Year One, Under the Red Hood, Dark Knight Returns, Justice League Doom, my favorite Animated Series episodes, my favorite Justice League and Justice league Unlimited episodes, and talk like Batman all day.



I don't hate it. I thought it was very good. It was less dark than the Tim Burton Batman movies, but still entertaining.

Batman Movies?

Batman Movies?

Batman Begins is a whole new take on Bruce Wayne's younger days.

Christian Bale has said this himself " Our Batman is centered on the early days. It's an explanation. It's certainly not Batman No. 5. It's a reinvention. We want you to forget there has ever been a Batman before this one."

and " I've never felt like the Batman character in the films was given as much time as any of the villains. The villains were always the most interesting characters, too. Batman has always been this very bizarre, almost blind character running through the middle of the story. Our film is different"

The ones made by Joel Schumacher (Batman Forever 1995, and Batman & Robin 1997) were a joke, they were horrible. The suit's had nipples! The ones made by Tim Burton (Batman Returns 1992 and Batman 1989) are okay overall.

I think the Batman Begins series are so good! The best Batman movies so far.

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