National Fun at Work Day 2024 is on Monday, April 1, 2024: National Days?

Monday, April 1, 2024 is National Fun at Work Day 2024. January 28, 2014: Fun at Work Day; National ... Fun at Work Day; National

National Days?

Click on the link below then go to the month you would like. Once there click on the special days link. It has between 10 to 20 special/odd days to celebrate per each month of the year.

Examples: National Weatherperson's Day, Polar Bear Day, First toy store opened day, Make your bed day, Make a hat day, Kite day, Circus day. You get the idea. Loads of fun days to celebrate there.

I have used this before. I hope it is what you are looking for. Enjoy!

What’s Hangover Awareness Day??

What's Hangover Awareness Day??

National Hang-over Awareness Day, which is the 7th of February

National Portfolio Day?

National Portfolio Day?

During my senior year in high school I went to National Portfolio Day in Boston MA, at Massachusetts College of Art. It was pretty useful, they give you feedback on which pieces are your strongest and areas you need to work on.

Tons and tons of college reps were there. Including RISD, Monserret, Parsons, Pratt, etc..

I would recommend bringing as many pieces as you can, I brought gosh about 20 but of those I had 10 seperated incase the rep only wanted to see a select view. I also brought a piece I was working on and they seemed to really appreciate seeing some work process.

It's a great experience and great critique, I had one rep that actually accepted me to their school on the spot (as long as I wasn't failing all my classes). One bit of advice though, primarily this is to get feedback on your artwork. That being said, it's great to talk to reps from RISD but the line is half the people there. What I did was I went to the small lines for the smaller schools where the reps were still refreshed genuinely there to give you solid feedback. I got advice from I think 10 different schools this way! However I made sure to stop by the 3 schools I was seriously considering.

goodluck its lots of fun!

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