Hobbit Day 2024 is on Sunday, September 22, 2024: Is anyone out here a huge Hobbit fan?

Sunday, September 22, 2024 is Hobbit Day 2024. Hobbit Day is the birthday of the hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two fictional characters in J. R. R.

Happy Hobbit Day, and Second

Hobbit Day is the birthday of the hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two fictional characters in J. R. R.

Hobbit Day

September 22nd may be the Birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two figures from J.R.R. Tolkien’s popular Middle Earth Cycle books (The Hobbit and The almighty From The Rings correspondingly) by which Hobbits, typically between two and 4 ft tall and absolutely nothing much like your usual ‘hero’, accomplish great achievements and amazing functions of courage. It's in honor of those animals and individuals functions the day is well known with occasions similar to the birthday celebration referred to in the beginning of “The Fellowship from the Ring”.Within the U . s . States Hobbit Day has acquired a degree of of legal dignity because of the chosen authorities who offer the day and also the goals from the American Tolkien Society. Your Day has additionally attracted Bipartisan Support from places because the U.S. County Courthouse, towards the Whitened House, towards the U.S. Capitol.Another event to Tolkien Week (even though the Week will invariably fall over Hobbit Day, running Sunday to Saturday), Hobbit Day is possibly the earliest running day celebrated by fans. There's some debate around the date that Hobbit Day ought to be celebrated on, because of the variations within the Gregorian and Shire calendars. Tolkien once stated the Shire calendar is ahead by about 10 days with respect to the month. A recommended alternative date by hardcore fans is September 14th. Even though the day wasn't formally designated until 1978 and it has had many names and designations, it's been celebrated since 1973, soon after J.R.R. Tolkien died on September second of this year.Fans celebrate by everything from going barefoot all day long and getting seven foods, to Literary discussions and blood pressure measurements, The almighty From The Rings Movie Marathons, and tossing parties in honor from the ‘Long Looked forward to Party’ at the beginning of the Fellowship From The Ring with occasions for example feasts, games, costumes and fireworks.

Is anyone out here a huge Hobbit fan?

The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolkien, published by Ballantine Books in 1937, 304 pages. The Hobbit is a book that shows that even the most unlikely person, or hobbit can turn out to be a real hero. In the book, Bilbo gets caught up in an adventure that will later change his life. In the beginning Bilbo Baggins ran into an old acquaintance, Gandalf, a wizard, who he had met many years earlier at festivals, in which Gandalf made fireworks with his magic. Bilbo and Gandalf talked for a while and Bilbo being the kind hobbit he was invited him for tea the next day. The next day at about the time Bilbo had expected Gandalf he heard a knock at the door, but when he opened the door it was in fact not Gandalf but a little dwarf the dwarf introduced himself and let himself in. After that many dwarves followed, in fact 9 more had come to the little hobbit's doorstep. Then finally after all the dwarves had made themselves comfortable he heard another wrap at the door, and sure enough it was Gandalf along with 3 other dwarves. That night Gandalf and the dwarves spoke of adventure and of dragon's gold that had once belonged to the leader of the dwarves father. They also spoke of an adventure they were about to embark on, and then they turned to Gandalf and asked what of the 13th member of the party. Gandalf spoke up and said, My, the one I have chosen is the burglar Mr. Baggins. Bilbo did not seem pleased he had no need of adventure, even though he was secretly intrigued, but more so he was very frightened. After a bit of discussion Bilbo agreed to go and they all went to bed. When morning came Bilbo found no one in his hobbit hole, and it is needless to say that he was pleased, yet he was also a bit disappointed. Then he found a note from Gandalf on the Mantle telling him to meet them at the inn. So he did and his adventure had begun. Many conflicts transpired during their trip to the lonely mountain where the dragon lay with their gold. Those involving many fights, traps, dark forests, and having to deal with creatures like trolls, goblins, elves, spiders, and many others. In one such conflict Bilbo found a magic ring that allowed him to become invisible. When they finally reached the lonely mountain they had to find a secret door, which led to a secret entrance into it. Because it wouldn't be very wise to enter through the front door of a cave inhabited by a dragon. When they found it, they had to decide who would sneak in there and see if the dragon was there. And who did they choose but poor Bilbo who had already bailed them out of many bad incidences already. When he went in he noticed that the dragon was nowhere in sight, so he did what any burglar would have done he grabbed the biggest gold thing he could find. He then took it back to the dwarves they were overjoyed. But they forgot one thing that even though the dragon may not be there he was not going to stay gone for long. When the dragon came back he noticed that there was something missing from his beautiful treasure. He was outraged, and with dragons keen sense of smell he knew that the thieves were still there. Later that night Bilbo slipped on his ring and snuck down to where the dragon was and spoke to him and told him who he was in a round about sort of way. By this the dragon sensed where he had come from and he went to where the lake men lived to destroy the village. Days past and the party had not heard nor seen the dragon. So Bilbo again snuck down to the cave and inspected and he did not see the dragon, but he did see something that struck his fancy a very large diamond and he knew that this must be the heart of the mountain that he heard the dwarves speak of so often, he was so intrigued by its beauty that he decided to keep it for himself. So he stuck it in his pocket and called for the dwarves. They all came down and were struck with awe at the sight of the treasure, But they did not forget the dragon this time so they armed themselves with weapons and put on armor and got ready for a battle. Meanwhile the dragon had already been killed by a very brave man, Bard, who was already on his way to claim his part of they treasure so that he could rebuild his kingdom that had also been taken by the dragon in the past. But the party saw them and they had other plans they wanted to keep this treasure for themselves, well all except for Bilbo, which had no problem with sharing. As time went on the dwarves barricaded themselves in the mountain and Bard had pleaded with the leader of the dwarves to just give him a share since he was the one who killed the dragon, but he still refused because he had grown greedy and he was still upset because he could not find his heart of the mountain. Meanwhile the word the dragon's death had spread far and wide until it reached the goblins and when they heard of it they headed toward the mountain to claim the treasure. A war was brewing that no one quite knew the extent of, well not yet anyway. Back at the mountain, Bilbo was gro

The Hobbit Chapter One.?

The Hobbit Chapter One.?

1. Hobbits are small folk with a various assortment of odd features. They have hairy feet, curly hair, and love to smock their pipes. Most enjoy quiet lives and want nothing to do with adventures.

2. Biblo's ancestors include a hobbit that indirectly invented the game of golf and other members of the Took family from his mothers side.

3. He loves his hobbit hole; it his place for comfort. Bag-End is where his father setteled down, and he plans on staying there.

4. Gandalf Stormcrow is a wizard that all the hobbits enjoy, though he disrupts the quiteness of the town. Biblo wishes to be polite to him, but he does not want anything to do with any adventures.

5. I'm not sure what you mean by odes, but Gandalf gives Biblo what he says Biblo asks for - an adventure.

6. Biblo's visitors are 12 dwarves of various sizes and social structure. He likes the charming ones, is intimidated by the upper class dwarf Thorin, and he finds them helpful even though they make a mess of his house.

7. Biblo's role is to be the burglar.

8. Biblo agrees indirectly because Gandalf gave him a nudge out the door and made him continue in the beggining. His Took side of the family takes over his mind, and he wants to start his adventure.

9. The Dwarves wish to get their kingdom and treasure back from Smog the dragon. Their quest is defined by getting the treasure back by any means necessary.

What is a hobbit? List characteristics of this race.?

What is a hobbit? List characteristics of this race.?

The latest salvo in the ongoing hobbit wars is a study led by anthropologist Dean Falk, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), purportedly showing that the hobbit was not a microcephalic, but rather a new species.1 The announcement of the study received considerable media attention, although the paper itself only appeared on the PNAS web site days later—when the story was no longer ‘in the news’.

The unfolding of the hobbit debate has been covered earlier, by both the author2 and Dr Carl Wieland.3 An in-depth development of the hobbit tale, from the perspective of the archaeologist who led the discovery team, is available in a recently published book.4

The new study involved comparing 3-D reconstructions of the brains from the hobbit (LB1 individual), nine microcephalic people, and 10 normal people.5 From this, according to a media report:

‘The researchers found two characteristics—in addition to small size—that distinguish microcephalic brains: The bottom part sticks out in the back, and the region behind the forehead is unusually narrow’.6

Regarding these characteristics the hobbit was reported as:

‘fitting in with normal humans, not microcephalics … But she was unlike modern humans in four other features distinguishing her from Homo sapiens, crying out for recognition as a separate species, the researchers said’.1

One thing is certain; the data in the study is characteristically silent—not even a whisper can be heard. Hence, it is not the LB1 fossil, but the investigators interpreting the fossil find that are crying out for the hobbit to be recognized as a new species. As indicated by evolutionist John Reader: ‘Preconceived notions have played a fundamental role in the study of fossil man’.7 Given this, can the authors of the paper be relied upon to give an unbiased study, or instead to interpret the data to fit a preconceived outcome? From an examination of a previous study led by Falk it is obvious that the agenda of the authors is to debunk the microcephaly hypothesis.

Preconceived notions have played a fundamental role in the study of fossil man’

In this earlier brain endocast study by Falk et al they concluded that LB1 was not a microcephalic or pygmy, and a hypothesis was put forth ‘that H. erectus and H. floresiensis may have shared a common ancestor that was an unknown small-bodied and small-brained hominin’.8 But a problem with the study was that the sample size of microcephalics used was a mere one specimen, and even if it was a good comparison specimen (which it was not), ‘it is simply impossible to take any single skull as typical of “true microcephalics.”’9 Hence, for Falk et al to rule out microcephaly, after comparing LB1 to only one other microcephalic specimen, shows a total lack of objectivity. To emphasize the point, about six months later a brief paper was published by Weber et al, detailing the analysis of 19 microcephalic modern humans, where the finding of a microcephalic endocast comparable to LB1 was reported.10 The authors commented that:

‘Both skull and brain morphologies of microcephalics are extremely heterogeneous11 and grossly resemble the anatomy and proportions of H. floresiensis’.10

Hence, one would have thought that the Falk team would have learnt from this rush to judgment about inventing a new ‘hominid’ species, but the latest study shows no such caution. According to anthropologist Robert Martin one of the problems with the current Falk et al study is that four out of the nine microcephalics used in the comparisons were juveniles, not adults.12 Martin comments:

“What we’re saying is LB1 was definitely an adult. If LB1 was a microcephalic, he was one with a mild condition who managed to survive into adulthood … So the proper comparison is with microcephalics with a mild condition who were adults.”12

Martin also has an issue in regards to a discrepancy between his and Falk’s team on the classification of a microcephalic skull from South Africa, known as Basuto woman. The Martin team’s results showed the brain of the Basuto woman to be much more similar to LB1 than the current study found.6 This illustrates how different researchers, examining measurements from the same skull, can come to opposite conclusions. Needless to say Martin remained unconvinced with the study, and is quoted as saying:

‘My gut feeling is what they (Falk’s team) did is just played around with the measurements until they got something that suited them’.1

Strong words, but after reading through the paper the comments appear to be not without justification. The authors state that eight measurements were ‘used to generate four ratios that we thought would discriminate between’ normal humans and microcephalics.13 They then did statistical analysis on the data, using the four ratios as variables, and subsequently claimed that two of the variables (cerebellar protrusion and relative frontal breadth) could classify microcephalics and normal humans with 100% success, with LB1 sorting with normal humans.13 However, this begs the question, could other ratios have been chosen, that also differentiated between the microcephalics and normal humans, but where LB1 sorted with the microcephalics? Also, looking at the authors’ scatter plot of the two ‘classifier’ variables, the microcephalic measurements appear very heterogeneous.14 One suspects that if the sample sizes were much larger, the 100% success rate in classification would break down.

It should also be considered that LB1 may have been a microcephalic specimen of Homo erectus, not necessarily a microcephalic ‘modern’ human. Because of its small brain and the current definition of microcephaly, the hobbit would tend to be classified as microcephalic by default, irrespective of its level of intelligence. However, even if, for example, it is regarded as a dwarfed specimen of Homo erectus, then because erectus itself is a fully human category, a separate species name or not will make no difference to the ‘big picture’, namely that we are dealing with a descendant of Adam, a toolmaking, fully human being. In short, despite being interpreted within a framework that assumes the idea of human evolution, it gives no support to that idea.

In other hobbit news, it has recently been reported that permission has been granted to the original discovery team for them to restart excavations in the Liang Bua hobbit cave in Indonesia.15 There is even talk about extracting DNA from hobbit remains to settle the debate.16 That remains to be seen, but there seems little doubt that further hobbit fossils will add more fuel to a debate which will not go away soon.

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