International Day of Radiant Peace 2023 is on Friday, September 22, 2023: Goddess Laxmi has many names (I guess 108)

Friday, September 22, 2023 is International Day of Radiant Peace 2023. International Day of Radiant Peace - Giftypedia International Day of Radiant Peace - Giftypedia

Goddess Laxmi has many names (I guess 108)

Mahalaxmi - The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune, Laxmi - The Hindu ...

108 Names of Laxmi

Prakruti - Nature

Vikruti - Multi-Faceted Nature

Vidya - Wisdom

Sarvabhootahitaprada - Granter of Universal Niceties

Shraddha - Devoted

Vibhuti - Wealth

Surabhi - Celestial Being

Paramatmika - Omnipresence

Vachi - Nectar-Like Speech

Padmalaya - Residing On The Lotus

Padma - Lotus

Goddess Lakshmi Shuchi - Embodiment of Purity

Swaha - Shape of Swahadevi(Auspicious)

Swadha - Shape of Swadhadevi(Inauspicious)

Sudha - Nectar

Dhanya - Personification of Gratitude

Hiranmayi - Golden Appearance

Lakshmi - Goddess of Wealth

NityaPushta - Gaining strength Day By Day

Vibha - Radiant

Aditi - Radiant Like The Sun

Deetya - Answer Of Prayers

Deepta - Flame-Like

Vasudha - Earth

Vasudharini - Bearing the the Burden of Earth

Kamala - Lotus

Kantha - Consort of Vishnu

Kamakshi - One with Attractive Eyes

Kamalasambhava - Emanating from the Lotus

Anugrahaprada - Granter of Good Wishes

Buddhi - Wisdom

Anagha - Sinless

Navadurga - All Nine Forms of Durga

Harivallabhi - Consort of Lord Hari

Ashoka - Dispeller of Sorrows

Amrutha - Nectar

Deepa - Radiant

Lakashokavinashini - Remover of Universal Agonies

Dharmanilaya - Establisher of Eternal Law

Karuna - Compassionate

Lokamatri - Mother of the Universe

Padmapriya - Lover of Lotus

Padmahasta - Having Lotus-Like Hands

Padmakshya - Lotus-eyed

Padmasundari - Beautiful Like the Lotus

Padmodbhava - One Who Emerged Out of the Lotus

Padmamukhi - Lotus-Faced

Padmanabhapriya - Beloved of Padmanabha

Ramaa - Pleaser of the Lord

Padmamaladhara - Wearer of Lotus Garland

Devi - Goddess

Padmini - Lotus

Padmagandhini - Having the Fragrance of Lotus

Punyagandha - Having Divine Perfume

Suprasanna - Ever Cheerful and Beaming

Prasadabhimukhi - Emerging to Grant Boons

Prabha - Radiant Like the Sun

Chandravadana - Moon-Faced

Chanda - Cool Like the moon

Chandrasahodari - Sister of the Moon

Chaturbhuja - with four arms

Chandrarupa - Moon-Faced

Indira - Radiant like the Sun

Indusheetala - Cool like the Moon

Ahladajanani - Source of Happiness

Pushti - Healthy

Shiva - Auspicious

Shivakari - Source of Auspicious Things

Satya - All Truth

Vimala - Pure

Vishwajanani - Mother of the Universe

Pushti - Possessor of All Wealth

Daridriyanashini - Remover of Poverty

Preeta Pushkarini - One with Pleasing Eyes

Shanta - Full with peace or Calm

Shuklamalambara - Wearer of White Garland and Attire

Bhaskari - Radiant like the Sun

Bilvanilaya - Resider Under Bilva Tree

Vararoha - Ready to Offer Boons

Yashaswini - Reputed

Vasundhara - Daughter of the Earth

Udaranga - Endowed with a Beautiful Body

Harini - Deer-Like

Hemamalini - Having Golden Garlands

Dhanadhanyaki - Bestower of Wealth and Foodgrains

Siddhi - Ever Ready to Protect

Straina Soumya - Showering Goodness on Women

Shubhaprada - Granter of Auspicious Things

Nrupaveshvagathananda - Loves to Live in Palaces

Varalakshmi - Granter of Bounty

Vasuprada - Bestower of Wealth

Shubha - Auspicious

Hiranyapraka - Amidst Gold

Samudratanaya - Beloved Daughter of the Ocean of Milk

Jaya - Goddess of Victory

Mangala - Most Auspicious

Devi - The Deity

Vishnuvakshah - Residing in Vishnu's Chect

Vishnupatni - Consort of Vishnu

Prasannakshi - Lively-Eyed

Narayana Samashrita - Sought Refuge in Narayana

Daridriya Dhwamsini - Destroyer of Poverty

Devi - Goddess

Sarvapadravanivarini - Dispeller of all Distresses

Mahakali - A Form of Kali

Brahma-Vishnu-Shivatmika - Trinity of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva

Trikala-dnyanasampanna - Aware of all 3 -the Past, Present and Future

Bhuvaneshwarya - Supreme Deity


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we are planning a tour to manas sarover. how do we go about booking tickets etc. help!!!!!!!!!?

we are planning a tour to manas sarover. how do we go about booking tickets etc. help!!!!!!!!!?


from 3rd August to – 19th August, 2006

Holy Kailash and Mans sarovar Lake, center of creation, are as old as the creation of the Universe. Thousands of Sages, ordinary mortals, Philosophers and even the Gods had submerged in the blissful trance at the very sight of this divine grandeur.

It is the MERU, SUMERU, SUSHUMNA, HEMADRI (Golden Mountain), RATNASANU (Jewel Peak), KARNIKACHALA (Lotus Mountain), AMARADRI, DEVA PARVATHA (Summit of Gods), GANA PARVATHA, AJATADRI (Silver Mountain). It is SWAYAMBHU-the self-created one. Everything emanates from there and finally returns there. It is the abode of LORD SHIVA and his divine consort PARVATI. It expounds the philosophy of PURUSHA and PRAKRITI-SHIVA and SHAKTI.

The radiant SILVERLY summit is the throne of TRUTH, WISDOM and BLISS-SACHIDANANDAM. The primordial sound AUM (NADA BINDU) from the tinkling anklets of LALITA PRAKRITI created the visible patterns of the universe and the vibrations (DHVANI) from the feet of Lord Shiva (NATARAJA) weaved the essence of ATMA -the ultimate truth. Mind is the knot tying consciousness and Matter-that is set free

here. This is the center of Hindu Philosophy and civilization. Kalpa Viruksha tree is supposed to adorn the slopes. The South face is described as Sapphire, East the crystal, west as Ruby and the North as Gold. The city of KUBERA is situated there. Ganga after originating from the toe of Mahavishnu enters the lunar circle and descends further from Kailash and after circuiting Kailash seven times divides herself as four rivers; Brahmaputra(Lohita), Indus(Sindhu), Sutlej (Shatadru) and Karnali.

Every object in this area is sanctified and each one is related to gripping legends. As one ascends through PARIKRAMA one encounters holy peaks of RAVANA PARVAT, HANUMAN PARVAT, PADMASAMBHAVA, MANJUSRI, VAJRADHARA, ALOKITESWARA, JAMBEYANG, SHAVARI, NORSENG etc. The scriptures reiterate that one, who takes the holy dip at Manas sarovar and carries out the Parikrama around Kailash is absolved of his sins through generations and is absorbed into the Supreme Finality.

There is no re-birth, sorrows or joys for her or him/he or she will be with ultimate – the Lord Shiva. He/she becomes Shiva. A few claim that GURU NANAK meditated here. Across the river CHU, there on the Nyanri range stands an impressive temple. Inside this monastery there is a marble statue radiating peace and compassion. This statue is claimed to be that of Guru Nanak.

The entire area echoes with spiritual vibrations. Even the agnostics shall discover new balance amidst that fathomless serenity. One has to experience it. The common belief is that those who are ordained only could be there.


03/Aug Arrival at Tribhuban International airport, Kathmandu Meet & greet by our representative & transfer to hotel. Day free. Sunset Agnihotra, briefing dinner & night halt

04/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. “Mahamrtunjaya Yagna & Puja at Lord Pashupatinath temple. Puja at Lord Narayan (Buddhanilakantha) temple.. Free time for preparation of the Yatra. Evening briefing about Kailash Yatra. Sunset Agnihotra & Overnight stay at hotel.

05/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra After breakfast leave Kathmandu to commence yatra to Nyalam (3800m). We reach Friendship Bridge (Nepal – China Border) by mini-coach. Walk along for 10 minutes to cross the bridge and get introduced with your Chinese guide and land cruiser drivers. They will give you brief information regarding your Yatra then proceed the journey to Zhangmu. Complete all the immigration and custom formalities and proceed to Nyalam. Arrive Nyalam, Sunset Agnihotra and overnight stay at guesthouse.

06/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra, Full day acclimatization at Nylam with an excursion to Milarepa’s Cave. Religious discourses and Bhajan. Sunset Agnihotra Overnight stay at guesthouse.

07/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. After breakfast we drive to Saga (4580 m.), 230 KM, via Lalung La Pass, Paiku Tso and cross the Bhramaputra river (known here as the Yarlung Tsangpo). (7-8 hour drive through Tibetan plateau). Packed lunch will be served on the way. Sunset Agnihotra Overnight stay at guesthouse.

08/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Drive Saga to Paryang (4500m), 260 KM, 7-8 hrs drive. Packed lunch will be served on the way. Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight stay at guesthouse.

09/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Drive Paryang to Mansarovar (4560m), 235 KM, 6-7 Hrs drive. Packed lunch will be served on the way. Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight stay at tented camp.

10/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra, holy bath and Puja at the lake Mansarovar followed by Parikrama in Land cruiser. Visit Chiu gompa, Freshly cooked lunch will be served at the edge of lake Mansarowar. Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight at camp/guesthouse.

11/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra Drive to Darchen (4560 m) 30 Km, 2 hours drive. Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight at guesthouse.

12/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Start Kailash Kora / Parikarma from Darchen pass the first prostration point, Tarboch Flag Pole, (Astapath) the auspicious gateway and the sky burial ground, to Dira-Puk (4765 m). Packed lunch will be served on the way. Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight stay at camp.

13/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Continue parikrama over Dromala pass (5610m) to Zuthul-Puk (4700 m) (22 Kms, 7-8 hours trek). Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight stay at camp.

14/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Last and final day of Kailash Parikrama ends near Darchen (14 Kms 3-4 hrs trek). Then drive to Manas sarowar. Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight stay at camp/guesthouse.

15/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Drive Manas sarowar to Paryang (235 Kms –6/7 hours). Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight at guesthouse.

16/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Drive Paryang to Saga ( 260 Kms, 7-8 hours drive). Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight

at guesthouse.

17/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Drive Saga to Nyalam ( 230 Kms, 7-8 Hrs). Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight stay at guesthouse.

18/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra. Drive Nyalam to Kathmandu (165 Kms ,5-6 Hrs). Sunset Agnihotra. Overnight stay at hotel.

19/Aug Sunrise Agnihotra Holly water offering at Pasupatinath and free time until your departure transfer to International airport for your onward flight.

Tour Cost: - Rs.78, 500/- Per Person (Ex- Kathmandu)


3 nights accommodation in Kathmandu hotel with all meals

13 nights accommodation in Tibet using guesthouse/ tents with all meals.

Tibet Visa & Permit Fee (normal).

Yaks and Yak men for luggage during Kailash Parikrama.

Ground transfers in Tibet using Toyota Land cruisers or bus as applicable.

Services of English speaking guide in Tibet.

Services of our fully trained Sherpa team with required trekking & kitchen equipments.

Gamow bag and oxygen cylinders.

Sleeping bags.

Daily Sunrise & Sunset Agnihotra with Kit and necessary provisions

“ Mahamrtunjaya Yagna at Pashupatinath Temple”

Yagna at Manas Sarovar

Water proof Thermal Jacket with cap

Waterproof Backpack and waist pouch.

Warm Clothes Including – Woolen Inners (T-shirt & Pajama), Woolen Socks -2 pairs, Woolen Gloves – 1 pair, Monkey Cap.

Personal Utility Kit

Yaks and yak men for personal use.

Personal items, clothing and down jackets.

Entrance fee at sightseeing spots.

Extra costs that may arise due to prolonged delays or postponement of flights due to technical reasons/ acts of nature/ riots/ curfew/ government regulations or any other conditions whatsoever, which are beyond the control of National tourist Bureau and its associated agents

Personal expenses, tips and donations

Insurance against loss of baggage, damage, theft of

personal items/ belongings, medical expenses due to accident or emergency evacuation.

Terms & Conditions

The above tour is a pilgrimage cum adventure trek tour. No modern facilities are available during the tour. The basic necessities shall be provided at all places of stay.

Sharing accommodation shall be provided in Guest Houses and Tents during the tour with common facilities for toilet.

Vegetarian meals shall be served during the tour. The food is prepared by local sherpa cooks and cannot be compared to hotel / restaurant standards.

The tour manager holds all rights to alter the route of the tour or discontinue if the situation arises.

It is mandatory for every one to follow the instructions of the guide / escort / tour manager at all times.

The seating plan in the vehicle and accommodation plan is randomly done by the tour committee and no requests or complaints should be made on account for the changes in it during the tour. The tour manager reserves all rights in this context.

The tour cost does not include to & fro tickets and entry formalities to Kathmandu / Nepal. Any assistance required in this context, you can contact our office.

This tour is being operated by National Tourist Bureau and associates in Nepal and China. When a booking is made, which is accepted by us, it constitutes a contract between you and the Operators. All booking are taken on the basis that you accept these terms and condition. We are travel organizers only. We do not control or operate any Airline, neither do we own nor control any hotel, transport or any other facility or service mentioned in this brochure. We take care in selecting all the ingredients in your holiday, but because we only select and inspect them and have no other control in the running of them, we cannot be held responsible for any injury, death, loss or damage, or deficiency in services which is caused by the act or default of management or employees of an independent contractor arising outside our normal selection and inspection process.

Anon-refundable and interest free deposit of Rs.11,000/- per person is required to be paid by the passenger at the time of booking/registration which should be done at least 65 days prior to the date of departure. Full Payment should be made 60 days prior to the date of departure. The registration amount is non-adjustable against any other tour or service.

Itineraries, hotels, Guest houses, prices published in this brochure are subject to change any time without prior notice.

The company shall not accept any liability or responsibility for any damages, loss, injury, accident death, delay, breakdown or irregularity which may occur in carrying the tour arrangement. ( In the event of a passenger falling ill or suffering any accident during the journey all hospital expenses, doctor fees, repatriation expenses any other charges incurred as a direct or indirect result of his/her illness/accident are the responsibility of the passenger. (Management reserves the right to claim any additional expenses due to any other cause whatsoever and all such loss or expenses must be borne by the passenger.

In the event that a tour participant cancels his/her booking the following fees become payable. Note: the above will hold good only on presentation of the original receipt. (Note : All cancellations must be received in writing and signed by the tour participant, who made the booking. In case you have to withdrew from a tour after it has begun for reasons such as illness, be sure to obtain a medical certificate in support on any insurance claim. We regret that we are not able to make refunds for absences from a tour or for any missed sightseeing. We in no circumstances, will be liable for any loss of baggage, goods, air tickets, passport, cash travelers cheques, or any other travel document or item owned by the passenger while on tour, however caused. No refund is permissible on partially unutilized ground arrangements.)

No. of days before the scheduled date Cancellation charges deducted Commencement

of tour [03rd August, 2006] from Total Tour Cost

60 days prior Rs 11,000/-

59-45 days Rs.15,000/-

44-20 days Rs.20,000/-

19-07 days Rs.35,000/-

06-02 days Rs.55,000/-

from 01 day or during the tour NO REFUND

Registration closes before 60 working days.

Registration amount is Rs.11,000/- for the tour. This amount is non refundable and interest free, the balance amount is payable 60 days prior to departure.

National Tourist Bureau reserves the right to cancel the tour. In both cases, the company shall not be liable for any damage/loss/additional expenses suffered by the passengers.

The company shall not be responsible for any visit or section of the tour missed by the passengers. 9] Accommodation mentioned in the itineraries is subject to change. Although great care is taken to accommodate passengers Under such unavoidable circumstances, the passengers will be accommodated in other similar hotels.

The company shall not be responsible for any damage/loss accrued due to acts, or negligence of any carrier, hotel ,coach, company, or yak or any other item or particular.

Please read all terms and conditions, before booking on the tour.

Passengers are requested to check all documents, visas, etc.

Refunds, if any will be made by cheque only after completion of the tour as per scheduled dates.

The company exercised the right to alter / vary, or withdraw any facility it has advertised, or published in such a case, the company is not liable to pay any compensation.



from 3rd August to – 19th August, 2006

Registration Form Form: NTB/A/

To, Date :________________

The Organizing Committee,


C/o National Tourist Bureau, Nagpur.

Dear Sir,

I the undersigned, hereby wants to register myself for the “Agnihotra Kailash Manas Sarovar Yatra – 2006 starting at Kathmandu from 3rd of August, 2006.I have read, understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions of the tour and shall abide by it. The necessary details are as follows :-

First Name

Father’s /Spouse Name


As per Passport

Date of Birth

Date Month Year


Village Post Office District

State Country Pin code

Telephone No with

STD code

Emergency Contact Person

Passport Details :- ( attach a photocopy of all printed / written pages)

Passport No. Issued at Date of Expiry

Payment Details :- attached is demand draft in favor of National Tourist Bureau payable at Nagpur

D.D. No. Bank Name

Advance Amount Rs.11000/- Branch

Balance amount shall be paid as and when notified by the company.

Do you need to book your journey ticket ________________ to Kathmandu & return by us Yes / No

I am submitting the undertaking along with the form and shall send the next installment of Rs.20,000/- for tour on or before 05th May, 2006 else my registration shall be deemed as cancelled and the advance sent shall be deemed to be cancellation charges and shall not be claimed.

Signature :-

Place :

Date :

Note :- The Yatra Has Limited Capacity. Hence All Bookings are First Come First Serve Basis Only

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