National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 2024 is on Saturday, May 4, 2024: Teens(and adults): What can be done to prevent teen pregnancy?

Saturday, May 4, 2024 is National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 2024. National Day To Prevent Teen Pregnancy: Sex education resources ... National Day to Prevent Teen

Teens(and adults): What can be done to prevent teen pregnancy?

the media is huge when it comes to this right now there is the Secret life of the American teenager on where she's pregnant and how many teen actresses have gotten pregnant in the last 5 yrs. and then they are doing sex ed in grade school where i live now, why do grade school kids need to know about sex?

my mom's boss when i was a kid, she found condoms in her 14 yr old son's room, so she sent him to spend 4 months with her friends who just had a baby, and he had to help with the baby. i'm telling you what that made him realize that he didn't want to be a daddy. really i think a lot of parents are afraid to have the sex talk with their kids, yeah it's scary, but at the end of the end of the day, it's better to have that uncomfortable talk than have another one about mom i'm pregnant.

a lot of people assume if their kids aren't talking to them about sex they aren't having sex, but in reality they are, and kids assume their parents don't care. my daughter is 8, i had the sex talk with her and she's been around the baby, so i don't think she wants to have sex for a long time.

when i was in high school in health it was a requirement that you carry a baby for a weekend, a realistic baby that cried and stuff. but at the same token the guiadance counselor passed out condoms in her office. so what message were they sending.

my sister was married at 16, she wanted to be a wife, she then got preg at 17, she didn't go to college, she was so smart too, but he made enough money she could stay home she was lucky, but what about these single teenage moms that have no help from their family, what are they supposed to do, work 3 jobs to support their kids, then the parents get mad, my kids preg and kick them out, yes that's really mature, i told my daughter if she ever did get pregnant, i'd be so disappointed in her, but i would help her, not take care of the baby, but help her take care of the baby, while she finished h.s. and went to college, but it's her baby, so she has to be a mom.

so many parents make it easy on their kids too, they just take care of the baby or adopt them, really we need these teen actresses standing there saying, you don't have 3 nannies and a house keeper and 4 houses so you never have to see your baby if you don't want to, it's hard being a mom, don't have sex till you are ready to be parents. but that will never happen.

sad indeed, it seems the world is getting worse, from the skimpy clothes they sell for little grade school kids, really if you put an 8 yr old in a mini dress aren't you asking for her to get pregnant by 15? and then they have all these actors and actresses out bar hopping when they are only 15 and such, isn't that illegal? oh that's right they live in hollywood where there are no laws. that's why you can be 15 and dating a 35 yr old, it's hollywood it's okay.

so to answer you ?, the truth is we have to stand up grow the b*lls to be parents, and raise our kids right. even when it's hard. i saw someone above me say she would give her daughter the pill every morning, i guess that works for some, i'm relying on the that i told my daughter about sex, and i'm raising her right with morals, and values, and i'm setting an example for her, and she's been around my 8 month old, and watched enough of her friends get pregnant to know its' not a game. and i'm raising my son to know, it's not okay to have sex before marriage, it's not what we believe, and it's not what we expect from him. but if he does to come to us first, there are ways to be safe and he needs to practice safe sex, because you can get preg the first time. basically parents have to step up and be just that parents.

i bet you are an Awesome Nana , you ask some deep ?

What is the percentage of pregnant teens in the U.S as of 2010? ?

What is the percentage of pregnant teens in the U.S as of 2010? ?

Nationally, more than half of teenagers are virgins until they are at least 17 years of age (Sex and America's Teenagers, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York, 1994).

-In the U.S., 7 in 10 women who had sex before age 14, and 6 in 10 of those who had sex before age 15 report having had sex involuntarily. (Facts in Brief: Teen Sex and Pregnancy, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York, 1996).

-Nationally, one-quarter of 15 year old females and less than 30% of 15 year old males have had sex, compared with 66% of 18 year old females, and 68% of 18 year old males who have had sexual intercourse. (A Statistical Portrait of Adolescent Sex, Contraception, and Childbearing, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Washington, DC, 1998).

Statistics on Teen pregnancy

-Nationally, nearly one million young women under age 20 become pregnant each year. That means close to 2800 teens get pregnant each day.( Facts in Brief: Teen Sex and Pregnancy, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York, 1996).

-Approximately 4 in 10 young women in the U.S. become pregnant at least once before turning 20 years old.( Facts in Brief: Teen Sex and Pregnancy, The Alan Guttmacher Institute, New York, 1996).

-Teen childbearing alone costs U.S. taxpayers nearly $7 billion annually for social services and lost tax revenues. (Kids Having Kids: Economic Costs and Social Consequences of Teen Pregnancy, Prebecca Maynard (ed.), The Urban Institute, Washington, DC, 1997).

Is The Economy Affecting The Teen Birth Rate?

Is The Economy Affecting The Teen Birth Rate?

I don't think that teens focus much on the economy (I could be wrong) but I have a teen sister who doesn't know what a recession is because she doesn't have a house payment, car payment or a need for a job other than a part time one at caribou coffee just to make some extra cash to buy purses and shoes so I think the reason teen pregnancy has gone down in because teens these days are starting to realizing having a baby is not all fun and games and also that it is a fad of the past. For a while teen girls were making pacts with each other to get pregnant and it was seen as cool by them now that fad is over and a new fad will pick up. That's just how teens are. Again this is all just my opinion so I may be way off.

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